Free things to do in Cape Town

There are so many really amazing things to see and do in Cape Town that it gets difficult to decide on one thing for the day. You could take boat rides around Cape Town at sunset, or to Robben Island for a historical trip. You could take the Cable Car up to the top of Table Mountain (to get the most amazing views of Cape Town you’ve ever seen), there are plenty of museums and galleries that you can visit for a historical and cultural fix. And then there are all the restaurants and coffee shops where you can get food and coffee amazing enough to satisfy any foodie’s need.

Even if your budget is a little tight this week there are still some awesome things you can do in and around Cape Town for absolutely free.

But, like everything in life, it all comes at a price. And if you live in Cape Town (or are visiting long term) you’ll find that your money doesn’t go very far. You will need to stick to a budget, especially after covering rent and groceries.

Luckily though, a tight budget doesn’t mean that the the fun has to come to a grinding halt. Since everyone in Cape Town feels the pinch of a budget, there are quite a few free and amazing things to do in Cape Town to keep you balanced until payday.

Here are a few of my favorite budget friendly things to do in Cape Town all year round:

Ride the Cable Car for free

cable way from table mountain cape town

South African citizens get to ride the cable car for free on their birthday. This is a really great way to spend your birthday, and since the tickets can be quite pricey, this really is a treat.

If you want to visit Table Mountain more often, but don’t want to have to pay for a ticket each time you can get the yearly cable card (and 1 free return ticket with it) that allows you 1 return ticket up and back down Table Mountain a day, for every day for a year. If you have a “Wild Card” [LINK]  offered by SAN Parks, you get a discount off the price of the yearly Cable Card.

Get into SAN parks for (almost) free

If you are a South African citizen, or if you have a work permit you can get the ‘Wild Card’ offered by SAN parks. This lets you get into the SAN Parks in and around Cape Town (and South Africa) without having to pay admission. This card is valid for a year.

Zeits MOCAA Art museum

ziets museum free tickets

If you are an African citizen you can get into the Zeits MOCAA museum for free on Wednesdays (between the hours of 10am and 1pm) and for half price on Fridays. You will need to take your South African ID along.

Museum night

museum night waterfront cape town

Keep a lookout for Cape Town’s museum nights where certain groups of museums are open to the public at no cost.

First Thursdays art walk

On the first Thursday of every month the art galleries in Cape Town’s CBD are open at night with no entry fee. Some of them sell wine at the venue and you will find some pubs and restaurants open to add to the vibe.

Park run at Green Point Park

If you are even slightly active or simply like getting up early to enjoy the morning then this one is for you. The Park Run is an even where you join a whole bunch of like minded people on a run/ jog/ walk through the Green Point Park in the CBD every Saturday morning at 8am. This is a great way to enjoy the Green Point park with the rest of Cape Town.

If you want to run in a different part of Cape Town each Saturday then check out their map to find out where the other Park Runs take place.


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