Printable travel checklist

This month’s freebie is a printable travel checklists to help you plan your next trip.

The one travel checklist that will remain basically the same, no matter where you go or what you do, will be your toiletries kit.  For some people who need very little, this will be pretty easy to pack, but for the rest of us there are quite a few things to remember to pack, so it helps to have a checklist when packing so that you don’t forget anything important.

The list can get quite long and if you pack all your stuff without considering weight and space your kit can consume most of your suitcase, if you’re not careful. The tips that come along with the checklists in this freebie will help you pack everything you’ll need, without compromising on space and weight.

You’ll also get a checklist for a simple first aid kit and a compact make up kit. You never know when you will need a headache tablet or some burn gel, and if you don’t pack these you could waste a lot of time and money searching for these on your trip. It makes life a whole lot easier if you go prepared for small mishaps.